Clinics We Offer

Clinics run at various intervals throughout the day, differing every day.  This offers flexibility to patients wishing to access medical care.  We do not have set nursing type clinics to allow different types of service to be offered at a time that’s convenient to you.

Practice Nurse & Health Care Assistant  

Providing care that focuses on the individual as well as the family with emphasis on good health. 

Supporting people in making healthy lifestyle choices and decisions about their health care and refer to and support other Health Care Professionals 

Treatment room services, our practice nurse / HCA provide treatment room services as required 


The Community Midwives (from James Cook University Hospital) have clinics held within Low Grange Health Village and offer initial booking and follow up appointments.  Your initial booking appointment will be either at home, Low Grange Helath Village or at James Cook University Hospital at a time arranged with you by the Community midwives.  Pelase telephone 01642 282599

Sexual Health

To discuss any concerns regarding sexual health, please make an appointment with the GP or our Nurse Practitioner.  We can text you your results and offer a completely confidential service. If you prefer, you can also access one of the many community clinics which are available, please telephone 0845 045 0620.

Vaccinations and Immunisations 

The surgery offers immunisation services to adults and to children 

Children are offered routine preschool childhood vaccines, and catch up services to those who have left school without completing the recommended childhood schedule.

(Please note – if you require occupational protective vaccines, or need to be vaccinated to do the type of work that you do, it is normally your employer who is responsible for ensuring you are protected, please ask at reception if you are unsure)

Health Checks and Screening

Simple health checks and tests can often identify preventable health problems. Our Health Care Assistant will check your general fitness and give advice on staying healthy. You will also be given advice on preventing heart disease/ stroke etc. We encourage all patients (male and female) to attend for regular health checks.  We recommend: Over 40 – a healthy heart MOT.  We also recommend a 6 yearly check up for patients under 60 years of age, a 3 yearly check up between 60 and 75 years and an annual check up over 75 years if you do not have regular chronic disease management reviews.

NHS Health Check 

If you are over 40, we encourage you to have a “Healthy Heart MOT”, or NHS health check as it is now known. You will be given a general health check, including bloods, blood pressure, weight, and height etc.  In some cases an ECG will be required.  Our trained health care professionals can advise you on staying healthy and minimising your risk of having a heart attack or stroke and can refer you externally for exercise on prescription, or to our in-house smoking cessation and weight management sessions.

Lung Health Check (Please note - this service is not available at the moment) 

If you are over 35 and smoke, we encourage you to have a “lung health check" You will be offered a lung check, advice and support on how to spot the signs and symptoms of luncg cancer, COPD and other lung diseases.  You will also be given advice and support around stopping smoking and prevention of these diseases  

Cervical Cytology     

The surgery encourages all women to attend for screening when invited.  Currently women aged 25 -50 who have had negative results are invited every 3 years and ages 51 -65 are 5 yearly. If you are concerned that you are overdue your smear or have worries about the procedure or results, please discuss this with the female Practice Nurse / Nurse Practitioner.

Contraception and Pre-Conceptual Advice and Services

You may make an appointment with the doctor, nurse practitioner for pre-conceptual advice or with our nurse prescriber for new contraception advice, your usual contraception or emergency contraception.

Healthy Living

The surgery offers in-house one to one smoking cessation support and a one-to-one weight management programme for patients with a BMI over 30 and a group 8 week course with diet and exercise advice and support for patients with BMI over 25.  You can self refer to either service, please book in for an initial appointment at reception.  For community support to stop smoking, please telephone 01642 727655 / 727579

Chronic Disease Management Clinics      

For patients living with diabetes, asthma, COPD, high blood pressure etc we offer dedicated management appointment clinics each Thursday evening with our Practice Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Minor Surgery

The doctor is happy to perform certain surgical procedures (including joint injections) by appointment – please make an appointment to discuss the matter initially – thank you.

Once an appointment has been made, our reception team will ensure you have a patient advice and information leaflet and a consent form must be signed prior to any procedure