Teen Health

Teenage friends are usually on the same wavelength as you are. You can talk to them about all sorts, but sometimes it’s difficult to talk to a friend or your parents about health worries. To make an appointment, just phone or call in.  Or if you’re passing, call in and register for your password to book a confidential appointment on-line.

  • Health Related Problems      
  • Contraception Counselling
  • Weight Management
  • Eating problems
  • Exercise
  • Sexual Health
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Skin problems
  • Smoking
  • Substance abuse
  • Alcohol related problems

Sexual Health

To discuss any concerns regarding sexual health, please make an appointment with our female Nurse Practitioner or male GP.  We can text you your results and treat you and offer a completely confidential service.

If you prefer, these can be treated in James Cook University Hospital by a trained specialist, who will also give advice.

Please telephone 854548 for an appointment.  Or to access one of the many community clinics which are available, you can ring 0845 045 0620.

Health Checks

The surgery offers simple health checks and tests which can often pick up problems early before they become worrying. We can also check on your fitness in general and give you plenty of advice on all sorts of teen-related lifestyle issues from spots and stress to weight concerns, smoking, alcohol and sexual health.


Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer can be very serious. After breast cancer, it is the most common women’s cancer in the world. In the UK, around 3000 cases of it are diagnosed every year and about 1000 women die from it. Most girls who have the HPV vaccination will reduce their risk of getting cervical cancer by 70%.  You can have the vaccination at school or college – if you are unsure about having it, please make an appointment to have a chat about it first.

Female Health

We offer advice on feminine hygiene, periods, including period pain, contraception and breast awareness.

Don’t Forget!

We offer a fully confidential service

(we will not discuss your problems or even your attendance with anyone – unless you want us to)